Re: AAMX 2002 (was Re: fallen flags site)

Carl J. Marsico <Carlmarsico@...>


Good observation with the lower door track rollers. Any idea as to the use of this car subsequent to AAMX ownership, or dates of ownership? The topic of the Ertl cars and the other posts from today got my gears rolling again with this car as a potential project.


benjaminfrank_hom <> wrote:
Carl Marsico wrote:
"On the topic of Steam Era cars photographed in the 60's, anyone have
any information regarding this one? (AAMX 2002) Here's the link:

This is clearly a USRA DS boxcar; however, I've never been able to
track down the lineage of this car. At some point, its lower door
track rollers were replaced; the only cars I've seen with this feature
are some Frisco cars, but this is a tenuous connection onwhich to base

Ben Hom

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