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Guys -

The CSS&SB cars #1258 and #1266 look a lot like B&O cars from the
1923-constructed series of USRA clones B&O #251500 - #253499. Note
the wider, vertical corner posts at the drop ends, and the position
of the drop steps on the ends of the sides. However, they appear to
have a different handbrake arrangement from the B&O cars. Perhaps
they were built new for CSS&SB by Bethlehem??

Interesting cars! If I can remember, I will look them up in my
ORER's tonight to see when they first appeared, and how long CSS&SB
had them on the roster.

A.T. Kott

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For that one that looks pretty much like an original USRA clone,
with the
flat drop ends, the poling loops might be a hint. It may be an ex-
NYC or
ex-P,McK&Y/P&LE car.

The B&O cars got different ends and got modified pretty quickly.
G25's did not match that car in details. The RDG's also did not
match that one in details.

I also agree that the other one has replacement sides and ends.
They look
too new for the rest of the car.

Elden Gatwood


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Ben Hom wrote:

Bruce Smith wrote:
"Aren't those 50 ton Andrews trucks? The car appears to be
for 100,000 lbs not 140,000 lbs."

They are DEFINITELY Andrews trucks - cancel that recommendation
to use
Bowser Crown trucks!
I concur with Bruce and Ben the truck are 50-ton Andrews.

The question remains, I believe the CSS received these gondolas
hand, who were the original owners?

Bob Witt

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