Re: SFRD Fan-Equipped Rr-30 RH Side Lettering

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 27, 2008, at 11:33 AM, John Hile wrote:

I am a little confused by the 11/43 electric fan install date though.
Prior to your response, I started digging into the ATSF Reefer Book,
the PFE book, and the Carbuilder's Cyclopedias to try and establish a
time-frame for electric fans.

Looking at PFE rebuilds and new cars, I did not find any references to
electric fans being installed prior to the early 1950's. The earliest
Santa Fe experiment with electric fans appears to date 1950, and the
1953 Carbuilders Cyc is the first time I see an ad for electric fans.
You're quite right, and I see now that my post was misleading.
Electric fans didn't appear until ca. 1950. I meant to cite the 1943
date only as a revision date on the folio sheet, not to assert that
fans were in fact being applied at that time.

Richard Hendrickson

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