Re: Hercules 8000g Type 21 Tanks

Peter Ness

Thanks very much for posting that link! That's a great history and
more complete than I have stumbled across in a couple of half-hearted

For my modeling efforts, my assumption is the tank cars were used to
carry products used in the printing industry which survived in the
Boston area into the period I model.

Now, if I could only learn where the cars were routed from to get on
the New Haven...the two photos I have show cars in Boston (a terminal
yard most likely for these cars) and Cedar Hill; but traffic from
Maybrook and the New York float facilities was routed through Cedar
Hill, so I am no wiser as to the connecting railroad...

Anyone aware of these cars routed via either Pennsy, B&O, DL&W,
Erie? Any of these would help nail down the routing. My opinion
only, but these cars were fun to build compared to the IM SHPX tanks,
and I went so far as to contact Walthers to find out if the well-
printed placards were available as a separate part.


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My guess - based on the origin of the cars and Hercules' business
printing and paper chemicals - is that they were hauling paper-
I believe Kurt is on the right track here. From the nice Hercules
company history at

"The paper products division began in 1931 with the purchase of
Makers Chemical Corporation, which provided 70 percent of U.S.
for the rosin "sizing" used to stiffen paper."

-John Hile

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