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Steve and Barb Hile

While we are chasing this around, I should point out that the Speedwitch model is of the 5000 - 5999 series cars with the offset doors that were not rebuilt as single door cars, so it would be more challenging to start with the existing Speedwitch model because you would have to create the boards and diagonal frame member in the panel to the left of the door.

Steve Hile

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On Feb 29, 2008, at 4:13 PM, Gene Green wrote:

> Richard or anyone else,
> I have a couple more questions about this car.
> The 1950 ORER has a number series 30000-30988. This would include
> the 30600 series so apparently two or more groups of same or similar
> cars were grouped together.

Gene, my post on this subject contained a typo which is the source of
your confusion. The original number series of the 1923 1-1/2 door cars
was 6000-6999, so there were a thousand cars in the series. When
rebuilt with single doors in the 1930s, they were renumbered
30000-30988, and in 1/45 970 of those cars were still active.

Richard Hendrickson

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