Re: New Atlas Model: 1932 ARA Boxcar, HO Scale

Tim O'Connor

Ben is quite right that the 1932 design is distinctly different from
the earlier, and later, all-steel cars. For my part I have no use for it,
since I have kits from Sunshine for several prototype cars, and in
my experience, very few plastic kits can hold a candle to Frank
Hodina's resin work. But I'm sure these will be popping up on
steam era club layouts since they are very appropriate.

The Atlas drawings look kinda clunky -- almost like 3-rail cars
scaled down, or N-scale cars scaled up. Has anyone seen an
actual model or at least a test shot?

Tim O'Connor

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Members of our group might pay a premium for a slightly different car.
I wonder if the average model railroader would.

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