Re: Branchline Yardmaster

Tim O'Connor

The 1932 car is 6" shorter than the 1937 AAR box car, and 12" shorter than
the PS-1. Not to mention other differences!

Obviously Atlas thinks there is a market for this model. A few railroads had
no 1937 box cars -- MP (gee, that's one of the roadnames), IGN, StLB&M (ok
all the MP subs). But also BAR. BAR also had no 40' PS-1's or "modified
1937 AAR" box cars (the 10'6" version) either. I expect most MP and BAR
fans will be pretty happy about this new model.

If the riveted end version matches Seaboard cars, then those modelers
are gonna be pretty happy too.

Tim O'

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From: "ed_mines" <ed_mines@...>
The Branchline Yardmaster cars retail for $11 & the new Athearn RTR 40
ft. box cars retail for $14.

Considering most Atlas freight cars are in the $10-$15 range and the
appearance of the car in the picture they seem expensive to me.

The Kadee costs about $30; the quality of the model in the picture is
certainly not comparable to them.


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