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Ben, Rich,

Well, not exactly <G>. PRR 36986 began life as ARA #3, of which there
are 3 very nice photos in Ted's book. Among the issues would be the brake
reservoir and brake wheel. ARA #3 had a geared vertical shaft wheel and
an early transverse reservoir. The #3 had Camel lift type door hardware,
which appears to be what is on the CRR model. #3 also had a Hutchins all
steel dry lading roof with rectangular panels and a 4-4 dreadnaught ends
which appear to match the CRR model.

I would note however that the CRR model on the Atlas page is described as
a "pre-production mock-up" NOT a "test shot", indicating that this model
may not be a "test shot" and may not resemble the final product in some or
many details. Thus to be making ANY kind of judgement on the basis of
this photograph is simply foolish ;^)

Thanks, Bruce and Ben.


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