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Bob, Thanks, we do happen to have this photo and the end shot of car #3600. It happens to be one of the few "builders" photos we have of the 8 foot door 50 foot PS-1s. Thanks for the herald information too.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Sam, I purchased ca 1955 builder's photos for the AC&Y 50-foot PS-1
boxcars from Smithsonian in DC (their Pullman-Standard collection).
200 cars were built in May 1955 (AC&Y 3501-3700) under a 15-year lease
from A.A. Morrison with a renewal option. These were the first cars to
wear the AC&Y's new lemon herald. The scheme appears in the later
years unchanged. The loaded cars were dispersed Nationwide with the
rubber cities (Akron) finest tires and wheel rims.

Here are two shots of the ACY 50 foot PS-1s on the Fallen Flags site.
We'd considered doing this version several times but also have not
found enough photos to justify the effort yet. This version has 8 foot
door openings and an underframe like the 40 foot PS-1s which is why
they have the side sill tabs.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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