Re: New Atlas Model: 1932 ARA Boxcar, HO Scale


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What's your point?

The car could have been something more useful to us. Looking at the
picture of the CCR car on the Atlas web site I don't think it will be a
big success for Atlas with a $30 price tag.
I think you're missing the fact that the caption on the photo specifies
"Pre-Production Mockup," meaning that the final product will likely not
look exactly like this. I've seen such mockups from models announced at
the Nuernberg Fair in Germany that looked like rubbish, and the final
production models were good. So, no need to worry too much yet until we've
seen the actual production models.

I'm disappointed that the car is apparently is not built from sectional
construction and only offered RTR. That could have given several
different roofs....
Again, according to the website, they'll have two versions with different
roofs and sides. Most likely, they only cut one set of dies for the body,
and went from there.

I wouldn't be surprised if they chose this prototype because of Ted's
And what's wrong with that? That is, in my opinion, a Good Thing, if
manufacturers react to what their customer base is talking about with

I don't have many Atlas cars but I thought the 2 bay offset hppers were
Don't write these off yet, just based on pre-production samples! Yes, they
might end up looking like these samples, but they might very well not.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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