Re: New Atlas Model: 1932 ARA Boxcar, HO Scale

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 17:08:14 -0000, ed_mines wrote

The car could have been something more useful to us. Looking at the
picture of the CCR car on the Atlas web site I don't think it will
be a big success for Atlas with a $30 price tag.
Ed, as has been pointed out, the picture is a pre production mock up. They
very well could have taken Solidworks models and made a rapid prototype
model from them. I think it would be best to wait for the real models
before critiquing the model.

Useful depends on the beholder. If you model the MP and don't want to, or
not have the time to build a ton of Sunshine or F&C models these will be

As discussed many times on this list RTR is where the stryene market has
headed. You can't get the Athearn 65' gons or RR30 reefers as kits either.
It's a fact of life with stryene models.

I have preordered the CCR car and a undecorated model for the later green
MEC paint scheme from my dealer to go with my C of G Sunshine kit for these
cars. If Atlas does an MP car in the later Route of Eagles scheme I may get
one of those too, so I am willing to give this model a chance. However, if
it has hamburger rivets and a scale 12" grab irons, I will sell it or put it
on the club layout.

brian Carlson

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