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I'm disappointed that the car is apparently is not built from sectionalconstruction and only offered RTR. That could have given several different roofs....<
As the car is offered with two different roofs I doubt they made two molds but they could have made two inserts. Manufactures have decided that RTR is what sells and the LHSs don't like to stock kits. IMHO undecs in a plastic bag would be easier to stock for
the LHS but who knows. Also the kit would need all the sprues to product all the variations as I sure the LHS doesn't want 6 different bags to hang. Plastic is cheap, packaging and shelf space isn't!>
Jon Miller


Actually I think it is the modelers who have decided that kits don't sell. The manufacturers are just catering to that trend. Guys like those on this list are a minority. We take the time to build stuff correctly and do some scratchbuilding where necessary. The vast majority of modelers today simply take a car out of the box, set it on the rail and away they go. That is the vast majority of the modelers out there today.

Denis Blake
Seaboard Air Line Northern Region Shops
Marysville, OH

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