Re: Question about 1923 ARA boxcar (not 1932)

rwitt_2000 <rmwitt@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
However, they were a common sight in interchange on western RRs from
the 1920s through the >1950s, especially the Pennsy and B&O cars because
there were so many of them.
The B&O cars should have been a common sight in interchange even into
the 1960's.

From the 1960 B&O Summary of Equipment the B&O still operated 12,120
class M-26 and subclasses of their ARA style boxcars. This represents
only a 13.4% reduction in the total fleet of 14,000cars that were
constructed between 1925 and 1931. From the January 1964 ORER the B&O
still operated 10,140 class M-26 and subclasses boxcars. This still
only represents a 28.5% reduction in the total fleet after nearly 40
years of service.

Bob Witt

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