Re: Silver Streak.

Mark Mathu

Phil Marcus wrote:

Photo of WRX 9405 (9000-9499) in 1964 with GBW logo to
right of doors, sans-serif lettering.
Here's an image of WRX 9785 in revenue service and still
with wood ends in 1968:
An interesting looking car. Does anyone know its history?

I was hoping someone else would be able to step in with a definitive
history, but lacking that here's what I've been able to deduce:

This car was part of the original Western refrigerator Lines (WRX
9000-9499, 500 cars) built by AC&F in 1929. As far as I can tell WRX
never acquired any more wood reefers and only a handful of newer steel
cars so this car was from the original order.

Over time wood cars in the 9000-9499 series were assigned new numbers
above 9500 as they were rebuilt with different insulation or doors,
rebuilt with steel sides (see for a rebuilt
WRX reefer), or assigned to specific shippers.

Specifically this car was part of WRX 9776 to 9799 in 1968 (20 cars,
with a few more added in the early 1970s) --- RBLs described as
"specially equipped with loading bulkheads" in Official Railway
Equipment Registers of the time. The last car in this series was
retired in 1975.

Corrections or further info is greatly appreciated.

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.
The Green Bay Route:

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