photographic print vs. scan

gn3397 <heninger@...>

Hello all,
I am hoping once again to tap into the collective wisdom of the
group. I recently discovered that you can order prints from the NMRA
collection. They charge 15.00 for a 8"x10" print, or 5.00 for a 600-dpi
TIFF scan, intended to print at 8"x10". I am wondering the best route
to take. I know that a B&W print stored properly will outlive me, but I
could also print the images from the CD as well. Are most commercial
photo printers able to print from TIFF files? I would like the ability
to have a hard copy to use while working on a model. I am unfamiliar
with this format, and know that JPEGs are compressed and you lose some
image detail. What does everyone on the the list do with their
collections? Thanks.

Robert D. Heninger
Stanley, ND

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