Re: Express Reefer shipments

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Recognised train crew work under collective agreeements in both
Canada and the US always included setting off or lifting cars en
route--whether in passenger OR freight service

Steve Lucas.

Althohg I'm not sure of the details, I don't believe crews were allowed to do that work at a station or yard where a switch engine was on duty. And if you had a three trick yard assignment and reduced it to two, that did not necesarily give the road crew the right to work there on that third trick.

In freight service, if a road crew did more than a prescribed number of moves, they got paid at the local freight rate instead of the through freight rate. Putting my cost analyst hat back on, from what I remember of that rate difference, it wasn't hard to justify a road crew doing more switch moves.

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