Re: Glue for resin freight cars and building them...

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Jim King wrote:

At a recent SRHA clinic and on the Southern Modeler list, Bob Harpe
suggested using Cy-Pox in place of the "typical" CAs.
The product is C-pox but the web site is and the company
is Gowest2 International. Here's a statement from their web site:

"Gowest2 International is no longer affiliated with the CoolChem®
Cyanopoxy® System or PRS Technologies Inc. and will no longer endorse
or promote their products; however, we have developed the C-pox™
Bonding System that will continue to exceed your expectations and
fulfill your adhesive needs for a fraction of the price."

No connection with this company or their products, etc. etc.

Tom Madden

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