Re: Kit needed

Bob Lucas

Dave, AC&Y 3918 originated as a circa 30's SLSF Frisco 50'6" DD car.
To meet increased tire and rim demand in the 50's, AC&Y leased
roughly 200 ex-Frisco wood single-sheathed autocars, ideal for (hot)
tire shipments. AC&Y 3875-3926 were reconditioned by St. Louis
Refrigerator in 1958 wherein the roof was raised to 10'8" IH (note
upper steel panel). A single 9' door was installed replacing the
SLSF double doors.

What you don't see with AC&Y 3918 and others (four series) is that
all had end auto doors, albeit sealed. Also, 125 cars in series AC&Y
3750-3874 were rebuilt with double steel doors with a 10'2" IH. See
the photo of one of the DD cars wrecked on the CNW.

The final series, AC&Y 3927-3949, were rebuilt 10'2" IH with a single
9' door. Note the panels reflect the sealing of the left DD door.

As others on the list have mentioned, there is currently no resin kit
for the AC&Y cars. However, the old Roundhouse/MDC kits 2100 and
2130, no longer in production, can be easily modified as pretty
reasonable stand-ins. Bob Lucas

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