Plover Poultry Car

Ian Cranstone

I received this question earlier today, but don't have any ideas as to where to start looking for the answer to this one. Any suggestions are welcome.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

Begin forwarded message:

I have a photo in my collection of a type of wooden stock car (poultry car) sitting beside the Algoma Eastern Railway station in Little Current on the Manitoulin Island. From the look of the automobiles nearby, I would say the date of the photo could be from 1913 to late 1920's.

From the information I have, this car was used to ship live turkeys from the Manitoulin Island to destinations in North America. On the side of the car, centred above the entry door is the word "Plover". From the research I have done so far, there were many of these poultry cars in North America and some had private owners. Do you have any information on this private owner? Where was his business located? Any history on this "Plover" poultry (turkey) car?

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