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Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks a lot!


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Schuyler, here's a summary of the AC&Y ex-Frisco single-sheathed

AC&Y 3750-3874: 125 DD cars, 10'2" IH, 4642 cuf, Mt. Vernon
AC&Y 3875-3926: 52 SD cars, 10'8" IH, 4902 cuf, St. Louis Ref.
AC&Y 3927-3949: 22 SD cars, 10'2" IH, 4663 cuf, St. Louis Ref.

Additionally, there was one test car:

AC&Y 3616: 1 SD car, 10'8" IH, 4902 cuf, St. Louis Ref.

The test car was a proposed replacement by the leasor (A.A. Morrison)
for a 50' PS-1 derailment casualty with the same AC&Y roster number.
All the ex-Frisco cars had sealed auto ends, though don't show in
ORER's as such.

Bob Lucas
Bob, do you (or does anyone else) know the a) complete span of
numbers in this series and b) which
among them were 10'-2" vs 10'-8" IH?


Schuyler, Though both ex-Frisco cars were reconditioned by St. Louis
Refrigerator about the same time, AC&Y 3930 was in the last leased
series of 22 cars and was rebuilt as a 10'2 IH car vs. 10'8 for AC&Y
3918, thus the visual difference in the upper steel plate. Why the
IH height was changed is unknown except the tire companies no doubt
had a say? Additionally, AC&Y sported a facinating roster of single-
sheathed 40' Mathers and ex-P&N 40' autocars, the latter which also
beg to be a resin kit offering. Bob

Bob, 3930 and 3918 don't quite match. The upper steel plate on
is taller than the corresponding plate on 3930. Any thoughts on

An appealing car, somehow, and if it did start with Frisco and
to ACY, that is good for the sales of the resin kit maker that
it out. Right, Ted? Or is that you, Al?


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From: Bob Lucas

Dave, AC&Y 3918 originated as a circa 30's SLSF Frisco 50'6"
To meet increased tire and rim demand in the 50's, AC&Y leased
roughly 200 ex-Frisco wood single-sheathed autocars, ideal for
tire shipments. AC&Y 3875-3926 were reconditioned by St. Louis
Refrigerator in 1958 wherein the roof was raised to 10'8" IH
upper steel panel). A single 9' door was installed replacing
SLSF double doors.
<> >
<> > >

What you don't see with AC&Y 3918 and others (four series) is
all had end auto doors, albeit sealed. Also, 125 cars in
3750-3874 were rebuilt with double steel doors with a 10'2"
the photo of one of the DD cars wrecked on the CNW.
<> >
<> > >

The final series, AC&Y 3927-3949, were rebuilt 10'2" IH with a
9' door. Note the panels reflect the sealing of the left DD
<> >
<> > >

As others on the list have mentioned, there is currently no
for the AC&Y cars. However, the old Roundhouse/MDC kits 2100
2130, no longer in production, can be easily modified as
reasonable stand-ins. Bob Lucas

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