Re: Glue for Resin Caution

Robert <riverob@...>

You probably mean the desiccant silica gel (a form of sodium
silicate), not the shiny, semi-metal element silicon (Si), which is
most often confused with our friends the silicones.

Rob Simpson

--- In, "Thomas Baker" <bakert@...> wrote:

I live in Michigan, where summers can be very humid. Six months
ago I purchased a bottle of tin CA and another of thicker CA. The
thin mix was billed as "fast drying" but it has not dried up yet.
The bottle of thicker slow drying CA has hardened to a rock. I kept
both in a quart canning jar with packets of silicon. I heard that
the silicon was supposed to pick up the moisture.

I have thought of purchasing the CA-Pox but have been frightened
away at the fifty Dollar price.


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