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Thanks for that; DC has jumped up several notches higher on my 'places to
go' list.

Though that Suitland is the actual name... wow. I thought it was a joke of
some sort. :)

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

Rocky and others, the reference to Suitland is to the former location of
National Archives depository in Suitland, Maryland. This building had a
large undergound vault which contained, among many other records, the ICC
Valuation records for all railroads operating in the United States between
1913 & 1921. When the National Archives built a new research facility in
College Park, Maryland all ICC records were moved to the College Park
facility, also know as Archives II. Both communities are suburbs of
Washington DC. And while you can find some ICC Valuation records in other
locations around the country, College Park is the only place to access the
entire collection, and it must be done in person. And know the collection
not 100% complete, some files were never transfer from the ICC to the

Here is the link to info about the College Park site
<>. Also go to
<> for general info about accessing the archives. Do a
search for ICC valution reports.

The Suitland facility reminded me of a small private college library.
cozy research room, long oak tables, one photocopier, room for about four
people to spread out. The College Park facility is large, light and airy
(the balcony is actually used by staff to observe researches to make sure
they are not mis-handle archive materials). There are multiple
plus outlets for laptops, and comfortable study tables, with plenty of
for numerous people. Secuity has been tightend considerably since 911, ie
guards at the end of the drive as well as the parking ramp, airport type
detectors as you enter the building, etc. There is a nice cafeteria on
(Suitland had a rundown fast food place down the street).

The March and April 2008 issues of Railroad Model Craftsman have a two
article on using the Archives and accessing the ICC reports. The article
written by David Lambert and is based upon his recent presentation at

Doug Harding

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