Re: Air Brush Compressors

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

I have used expensive compressors in the past, but recently picked up an el
cheapo tank compressor at Schucks auto supply for about $30. I figured it would
be good for tire inflation if not painting but it is relatively quiet and works
great. If it only lasts for a few years, I can replace it in kind and be ahead.

I no longer feel the need for specialty compressors.

CJ Riley

--- shile@... wrote:

I am in the market for upgrading my air brush compressor (to paint steam era
freight cars, of course.) I would appreciate recommendations about brands,
features, costs, etc.

I think I would prefer a tank and I know I need pressure regulation and water
trap. I see a model TC-20T on eBay from Air Brush Depot (or something like
that) for around $130. Anyone have that? Likes? Dislikes.

Thanks for the input.

Steve Hile

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