There's just now a discussion on the ACL-SAL-SCL list about slogans on
Seaboard cars, and John Golden just mentioned that only the AF-2
("Turtleback") cars (11700 � 11999 and 22000 - 22199 series) had the R. E.
Lee slogan; this fits with what I've found myself. Though there was
mention of other such cars (14000 series and another), but as John pointed
out, the 14000 series were rebuilt from B-5s in 1952, well after the R. E.
Lee train was renamed.

The Courteous Service slogan I think was introduced in 1954(?), so it's
well possible that the slogan is as much based on time as car number, if
perhaps not more so.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

I picked up a Sunshine Models kit # 21.13 Seaboard "Courteous
Service" ARA 1932 boxcar a week ago. Question that I have is, What car
numbers fall under the "Courteous Service" car? Sunshine does not tell
you what numbers fall under the: Orange Blossom Special, Coutreous
Service, Silver Meteor, Robert E. Lee or the Silver Star cars.
Thanks for the help. Dennis

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