Re: New Book - CALIFORNIA RAILS 1950'S: A Color Pictorial

Robert <riverob@...>

Thanks, Tony for the mini-review.

I shall order a copy post-haste.

Rob Simpson

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Robert Simpson wrote:
I just got a notice from Karen's Books that this new book is in:
CALIFORNIA RAILS 1950'S: A Color Pictorial
Dallas Gilbertson
Has anyone seen a copy, and is it worth getting?
Excellent book. I picked up one at Winterail. Gilbertson's color
quality is superb (he must have stored the slides in a deep, dark
cave), though a few aren't sharp. The subjects are priceless, as
the color is from the era when most were shooting B&W. I would give
it my highest rating for photo value. It's not a book of history per
se, of course, but is superb information.

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