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There are no accurate SP stock cars in N Scale. I got an effort together to try to convince Bill McClung (?) to do the Red Caboose HO ones in N, to no avail.


"Aley, Jeff A" <Jeff.A.Aley@...> wrote:

Your email is very much on-topic for this group. Thanks for
posting it.

In fact I just used your website today to see if there are any N-scale
stock cars listed (but I find there are none).

Thanks for doing all this work,

-Jeff Aley

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Hi all,
Maybe I know this is not the primary list where post this, but I'm
confident maybe some of you can be interested.
So, sorry for a cross post, if anybody have found on other group.
I've done a picture list with some prototype info of models of
Southern Pacific Freight Cars in N scale.
There are seven pages , divided by car type and ordered (more or less
) by class and prototype year. Not all are model I have, so sorry for
any bad quality picture.
I hope this work can be useful to some modellers, despite is dedicated
only to one company.
I've enjoy during compiling and dedicate part of my hobby time to this
job have sure increased my knowledge.
Cheers and thanks in advance for any suggestion, addition, correction,
picture.......anybody want to send. If any, I will credit.
To check the pages:

then flip using upper car type labels.
To contribute : Use this thread , my yahoo mail or my home mail at
Enzo Fortuna


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