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Tim O'Connor

Looking at ads in railroad industry magazines, it looks like there were
steel wheels with ribs too. And as Ben says, these were never banned
from interchange.

Wouldn't it be great if our model steel wheels were specifically of 1W
(one wear) and 2W (two wear) style wheels? This is another aspect of
prototype practice that we can't duplicate presently... When did the
1W and 2W designations first appear on freight cars?

Tim O'Connor

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From: "benjaminfrank_hom" <b.hom@...>
Jim Hunter asked:
"Does anyone know in what year ribbed-back freight wheels were outlawed
for interchange? A friend and I were discussing replacement metal
wheels, such as those offered by P2K, and he said that after sometime
in the 1930's all freight car wheels had to be the smooth-back type.
When and why?"

Your friend is incorrect. Cast iron wheels weren't prohibited on new
or newly-rebuilt cars until January 1, 1958, and weren't banned in
interchange until around 1970. There was no distinction made between
ribbed or smooth-back wheels.

Ben Hom

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