Re: InterMountains new 1958 cu ft Covered Hoppers.

Dean Payne

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The NKP had many series of these cars built from 1937-the 50's
However I can't read the number series on the NKP car on the IM
website to be certain
which series they are doing. It doesn't look like they are using the
swing tail R so this may be a post war series.
I can share more NKP data if anyone is interested. The NKP even had
one series where the hatches opened toward the car ends and not the sides.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY
The IM car is 99749, in the 99700 series, the first 23 built in 1937
with the small "R" in "Road". (The NKP used the small R, swing tail
R, and even some of the more familiar straight Rs during the immediate
pre-WWII era.) As-built, the first 25 hoppers had the large NYC&StL
above the reporting marks; see page 258 of Rehor's Nickel Plate Story.
(That page also has examples of pre-WWII cars with each type of "R").
The image of the hopper on the IM website does not have the large
NYC&StL, but this car is from the 2nd batch of 25 cars, I don't know
what date they were built off hand, nor how they were lettered.
Dean Payne

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