Re: Draft gear ratings

Jeff English

The detailed answer to this question can be developed by looking
through the AAR Interchange Rules over the years. I might be able to
get to this, but not right now. But, for clarification, I don't
believe draft gear came in different levels of load rating as, for
example, axle journals, which could be chosen to suit a particular
application. Draft gear on the other hand, like couplers and
centersills in the same load chain, has to be able to withstand the
highest buff/draft force reasonably expected in normal extremes of
train operation. This was determined by the AAR for any given
timeframe; for example, I think the current standard is a million
pounds, or even 1.2 million, and far more, I believe, than during the
steam era.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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Apologies for being a little off topic, but there is a lot of
prototype freight car experience/knowledge in this group.

Does anyone know the evolution of AAR coupler/draft gear load ratings
over the past century, or where I might find it?

Could be useful to an LDSig discussion.

Dave Evans

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