Re: car condition on 31 August 57

Schuyler Larrabee

Earlier I asked:
On that date, would CNW 7870 and SP 102117 have been properly fitted for the carriage of cattle?
As livestock, that is?

Tony said regarding SP 102117:
The SP number is a steel box car. Cattle?

Jack Mullen said:
Probably not. CNW 7870 was a 40' PS-1 box. I don't have a 1957 ORER handy to check what special
equipment it might have had, but I'd rather not try to imagine how it could have been fitted for
cattle. ;)

OK, here's why I asked: On the erielack list, a consist was posted for train 11 on that date, as
Train 12 (Marion to Youngstown)

1140 (Passenger Baldwin)
CNW 7870 and SP 102117 (Stock cars for cattle pick-up at Galion from NYC)
Erie 538 (Storage mail)
Erie 505 (Express)
Erie 500 (Express)
Erie 535 (Dead Head to be set off at Akron) p
Erie 2309 (Rider) Erie 221 (A pick-up at Galion)

Total: 8 cars

This is a mid-summer, non-holiday consist. I can't find any listing for stock cars with those
numbers in my ORER, so I don't know what they are. 500 and 505 are two Stillwell express cars.
2309 is one of the 60' arch-window Stillwell commuter coaches.

In this consist, they are listed as "Stock cars." Any thoughts about how to interpret this? It
IS< a second-hand document that's quoted.

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