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Paint over them with the Microscale Liquid Decal Film. The stuff works very very well...I've been doing it on old decals with great success.

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Date: Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:51 am ((PDT))

Gee John, that is great to know being that I am about ready to use, finally,
my SAL set from Ted..

Denis Blake
Marysville, OH

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Hi Dean,

I've used a number of Speedwitch sets and have only had trouble with
the SAL box car set. Of the four or five SAL sets I've used, at
least two of them disintegrated when water was applied. I haven't
had the same problwm with the PRR, NYC or Southern box car set, or
the SAL and Wabash gon set. Just the D-103. I only use filtered
water in the application process.

I talked to Ted last week and he said that Microscale is printing
the SAL decals sets and the quality is much improved. I'm hoping
that'll solve my problem. I recommend you write Ted and tell him
that you're having problems with the set--I'm sure he'll help.


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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I've been doing some decals lately, Champ and Westerfield, and
to tackle my ATSF stock car. The instructions say to use water,
setting solution for the first application. No matter, as when I
to apply the decals to the car, they came off individually: "A" "."
"T" "." etc. Likewise, the car numbers. Now, I had been shuffling
individual numbers to get the proper car numbers and new and
dates on my Champ sets, but this was more work than I had planned.
Especially, I soaked my dim. data a short time, but it also came
as individual letters. I gave up on that!
I understand that a thin backing is desireable so that it blends
but it appears that I have no backing at all. Can I get one by
spraying gloss or flat over the decal sheet? This would make
easier for me. Or, is there something I am doing wrong? Do I
need to
apply them within 10 seconds of wetting, or something?
Dean Payne

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