Gary Roe

Thanks to an article by Keith Kohlmann in the Jan/Feb issue of N Scale Railroading, I found out that Minitrix made a fairly accurate model of a PRR G36C covered gondola. It just so happens that I was able to find one at a swap meet this last weekend. Now the hard part.

I looked thru the STMFC archives for info on the G36C; but came up empty handed. I found a picture and a freight car diagram on the PRRH&TS web site, which helped a lot; but now I am in need of a little help for the decals to letter this car. In looking at Microscale's web site and decal listings, I didn't see anything that would be useful; but that may be from my ignorance of things PRR. Could someone point me in the right direction? At the risk of being run out of town on a rail, I will admit that I'd just like it to look reasonably close, if 100% accurate decals are not available.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

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