Re: Freight Cars vs Glue

Jeff Aley - GCD PE <jaley@...>

On Dec 13, 11:06pm, Mike Brock wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Freight Cars vs Glue
There is, in fact, a
newly developed glue that apparently will, for the first time, allow
such as those produced by Detail Associates to be easily attached to
And has Mike Rose revealed to the world the name of his so-called miracle
adhesive? Until he does, I can only assume that it's made by Wrigleys.

I have, by the way, tried using "Poly-Zap", which is supposed to be able
to bond "space-age" plastics. [When did the space age start? 40 years
ago?] I attempted to glue two Athearn 33" freight car wheels
face-to-face. As a control, I also glued two more wheels with ordinary
Zap CA. I did not notice any difference between the strength of the Zap
bond vs the Polly Zap bond when I broke the wheels apart [by hand, so I
don't have numerical data].



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