Re: Pere Marquette boxcar questions

Richard Hendrickson

On Mar 15, 2008, at 9:44 PM, destron@... wrote:

I have the excellent book on PM freight cars which has plenty of
photos of
the 85000-85999 series boxcars.

I would have two questions about these cars.

According to the book, by 1943 all of them were converted to
cars by either rebuilding to single 6-foot doors, or by sealing the
auxiliary doors. Further, it says that by 1945 some were renumbered
assigned to specific services, and that all of the 2500 cars were
gone by
1957. Does anyone know when these cars were first started to be taken
the lists, and what was done with them?

My second question: does anyone have any photos of these cars or of
86000-87499 series cars after rebuilding to single six foot doors,
they would be willing to share and permit to be published? If yes,
let me know off-list, and I will share the details then.
Frank, I have a print from Bob's Photo Service of PM 84521, renumbered
after it got six foot corrugated steel single doors. The photo was
taken at Ft. Bragg, NC in Jan., 1952 by Col. Chet McCoid. I also have
a print of the photo of PM 85908 which appeared in the PM box car book.
Having been photographed at Los Angeles in 1941 by a 14-year-old Bob
McVay with a Brownie box camera, it's not a superb photo but could be
improved with some fiddling in Photoshop. I'll be happy to scan both
of these for you if you wish.

Richard Hendrickson

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