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On 21-Mar-08, at 2:07 PM, Carl J. Marsico wrote:
While on the topic of the McKean/Accurail 40' double door car (on STMFC), my brain eventually drifted to a similar prototype in DW&P's former CN cars, such as this:

IIRC, CN had 40' cars built with both single and double door configurations, but also started rebuilding their 40' cars with 6' doors for newsprint (e.g. 8' SD, 9' PD, yellow doors) and lumber service (e.g. 12' DD, green doors) in the 60's. Where does this car fit in?
I've been slowly working on an article for CN LINES on this very topic, and maybe one of these years I'll get around to finishing it. The essential thing to know when talking about CN 40' steel boxcars (which were the source for all of the DWC cars) is this:

If it has a 6' or 8' single door, or double doors of 15', it was built that way (there were a handful of exceptions that received 8' doors in place of their 6' doors in the early 1960s, but these were not repeated).

If it has 9' doors (sliding or plug), or double doors of 12' or combination sliding/plug doors of 15', it is a 1960s/1970s rebuild. One suspects that the 12' opening came about because of all the extra 6' doors that would have been removed from the cars getting 9' doors.

So to get back to the original question, this DWC car is a former CN car that has had an auxiliary 6' door added to create a 12' door opening -- apparently at CN's Pointe St. Charles shops in Montreal (HQ) in October 1972. The source car for this prototype would have been drawn from the CN 522500-523999 series (Canadian Car & Foundry), and this particular car was renumbered CN 581730 in September 1977.

The Accurail car is probably only a stand-in for these Canadian-built prototypes (I haven't compared roofs & ends), but the addition of some Canadian 8-rung ladders, and end sill steps would make it acceptable for many.

Ian Cranstone
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