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I would appreicate a little help. I am tryng to finish one of the Sunshine
GN wood sheathed 1937 design boxcars with the Superior doors. I can't find
a photo of one of these cars. Can someone point me in the right direction
as to a book or magizine article.. More importantly, can someone tell me if
of the kit door hardware goes on the Superior doors. It looks like it is all
for the Youngstown door kits. Paul Lyons
Most of the GN cars of this type had Youngstown doors. However, I have a
Pullman-Standard builder's photo from the Smithsonian Haskell and Barker
Collection of GN 46515 with 7-panel Superior doors. Unfortunately, the GN
freight car diagram sheets do not specify the types of doors used on any
series of these double-sheathed box cars. The car #46515 had a wood running
board and was built 4-42. The tack board was mounted (centered) on the second
door rib, counting from the top edge of the door frame. I have one other pho
to of a GN car from the 46000-46999 series that were built by P-S as part
1,000 cars built in lot 5697. Car #46302 had a Youngstown door. I suspect the
doors in the order were split, perhaps 500 cars each (but that is purely
speculation). Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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