Re: Weathering wheels, trucks, and hoppers

Richard Townsend

Dennis Aust had an interstinge article on weathering wheels in the December 1988 Mainline Modeler.? It included a description of a jig he made to hold the wheels for painting and weathering.?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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An alternative to the sandpaper is to use a Bright Boy. Lightly
touch the end surface to a bench grinder (a carefully applied
cut-off wheel in a grinder may also work) to put a sharp corner
on it which allows cleaning the root of the flange. This also
serves to polish the wheel tread. NWSL's steel O scale wheels
look great after this.


Richard Hendrickson wrote:


on the backs and axles overlap on the wheel treads. Each wheel can
then be chucked in a small lathe or other power tool and the treads
cleaned and polished with fine (e.g., 320) abrasive paper. I cut the
abrasive paper into approximately 1" wide strips, fold it to make it
reasonable stiff, and keep doing that until it's used up. Of course,
this assumes that you're using metal wheels such as Kadee, Life-Like,
or - my preference - Code 88 wheels from Reboxx, Intermountain, NWSL,

Richard Hendrickson

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