Re: Ed Kaminski/Signature Press, was Chlorine car ?

Carl J. Marsico <Carlmarsico@...>

I don't have the Tank Car or ACF Freight car books, but based on the Magor and PS books that I do have, I'll "throw in a plug" too.


madchemep2@... wrote:
Hello Fiddler: Chlorine cars are dealt with in Ed Kaminski's book "Tank Cars
ACF" Signature Press 2003. A couple of photos of Hooker cars and a general
arrangement drawing taken from the 1928 Carbuilders Cyclopedia. I'll throw in a
plug for any of the books by Kaminski that I own. ACF Freight Cars, Tank
Cars and Magor Car Company. All great books mainly focused on the steam era. I
have no connection with the author or publisher. Al Campbell

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