Re: ARA Quad Offset Hoppers (was MDC/Athearn triple offset hopper)


The C&O purchased many of them in the early-thirties.

Al Kresse

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How about the quad cars that the original NS had? They attached wood
extensions to them and used them in woodchip service. I don't know where
they got them from though.

Denis Blake
Marysville, OH
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Thanks for the info. The only thing I have on the NYS&W and TN cars are
from pics on Fallen Flags, but after 1960, FWIW:


benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...> wrote:
Carl Marsico wrote:
"NYS&W, TN, and TP&W are three other roads that acquired second-hand
quad hoppers, IIRC. Anyone know the heritage or timeframe in which
these roads acquired them?"

Nehrich believes that the TP&W cars are probably ex-B&M based on the
fact that they and the New Haven cars appear at about the same time as
when the B&M cars were dropped from the roster during the mid-1960s.
Both TP&W and NH cars were leased from US Railway Equipment; their
stencil clearly appears on a Soph Marty photo of TP&W 2059 taken in
1969. I don't have anything on the NYS&W or the TN cars.

Ben Hom


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