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Can you give me an example of what those cars would be?

except that the heavy duty flats would
likely be USAX or USNX.

What were they used for? The PRR maintained their HD, well, and depressed
flat car fleet nearby at Pitcairn, and sole some of these off to DOD later,
but they have always been reluctant to talk about that stuff (

* ]Given that Westinghouse and GE were involved the
heavy cars might also have been WECX or GEX, or biased toward the "home"
roads of Pittsburgh and Schenectady, PRR and NYC.


Wasn't this the purpose for which the PRR leased the 25 Fd3 and 1 Fd3a flats
from the US Army? I was always under the impression (very possible the
wrong one) that was the assigned role for these cars. They were only on the
roster for a short period and then returned to the Army.

Rich Orr

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