Re: PRR class Fd3 and Fd3a depressed center flat cars


The only other information I can locate is

Fd3 class cars 47 3 total length 150000 capacity
Fd3a class car 41-4 total length 150000 capacity

There are no other dimensional data in the ORER

Are there any photos of these cars? What are the DOD or Army road numbers?

Rich Orr

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To narrow the window a little further, these cars are absent from the
January '53 ORER.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I have very little information about these cars.

Fd3 numbers 469974 - 469999 (except Fd3a) total 25 cars
Fd3a 469998 one car

They are not in the April 1950 ORER but appear in the July 1951
ORER with
the notation "leased from the United States Army." They are not
marked as a
new listing. So I can only narrow the time frame to April 1950 -
April 1951
as to when they first appeared on the PRR roster. They are in the
January and
April 1952 ORER's but are gone in the July 1953 ORER. Again, I do
not have
a specific date when they were returned to the US Army.

There are no drawings or blueprints in the PRRT&HS collection nor
on Rob
Schoenburg's site. I have not checked to see if these car numbers
are the same
assigned by DOD. With such a short lease period, it is entirely
these cars were never in PRR paint. However, on the other hand,
there is no
notation in the ORER indicating these cars carry DODX or USAX
reporting marks.
I have misplaced my copy of Dick Flock's hand out for his clinic
on PRR flat
cars. So I have not checked that source for any information on
these cars.

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