Re: AC&F type 19 tank cars?

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 4, 2008, at 6:17 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:

Maybe I'm being forgetful, but was there an AC&F tank car type
intermediate between the type 17 and the type 21? (e.g. a "type 19")
In perusing Ed's Kaminski's AC&F tank car book for the type 11
project, I noticed photos of several cars that intrigued me. These
have 3 course (horizontal) tanks, domes with safety valves on top,
and what appear to be frames with the channel side sills facing
inward. These cars were built in 1919 and 1920. Specifically, I am
looking at COMX 661 (p95), IMRX 875 and WHOX 1191 ( both p97).

It would appear that perhaps a Tichy underframe and a P2K type 21 3
course tank might be pretty durn close...

Bruce, there's no question that AC&F built some cars ca. 1919 that
seem to have combined the Type 17 underframe with the later tank
design, which had a larger dome and safeties on top of the dome
instead of on a side-mounted elbow. What AC&F called them, however,
has never been established, AFAIK. For that matter, a bunch of cars
were delivered in 1920 (see Kaminski pp. 99-101) which appear to have
been built to the Type 21 design and specifications but which, for
obvious reasons, couldn't have been designated Type 21s. Helpful
though the type designations are, AC&F's use of them wasn't always
consistent and is occasionally puzzling.

As for modeling the interim cars by combining a Tichy underframe and
P2K tank, the Tichy underframe would have to be shortened to fit the
tank properly, certainly possible but not exactly a simple matter.

Richard Hendrickson

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