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Rob Erickson <pattirobpatti@...>

Group, can anyone recommend a source of HO scale decals for these
MILW 46-ft flatcars? I have Richard's article from the old Prototype
Modeler (Nov/Dec 1983 issue) and he used Walthers decals, long out of
production. An Internet search turned up Scale Rail set #31061, but
their website says these are no longer produced and are sold out.

Can anyone also recommend a source of photographs for these MILW
flats, circa late 1940s-early 1950s?

Finally, how about the C&NW's 45-ft flat cars? How many side pockets
did these cars have? If they also have 12 pockets, can anyone
suggest sources for photos and decals?

Thanks, Rob Erickson

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You can remove a middle section to model them as 46 foot, 12-pocket
flats of the Milwaukee and other roads. You'll need to remove the
brake stand and implement a more conventional end mount brake wheel.
Some prototypes had wide decks and some were narrow. It's pretty
to sand off the plastic deck and add a replacement.

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Jonathan Grant" <jonagrant@...>
I have a couple of these fishbelly flat cars and was wondering if
was anything prototypically similar that I could kitbash them
that perhaps ran in the 1930s


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