Re: Coal Loaded in Boxcars


Very common, at least in my chosen modeling era and location. I will
modeling a GN branchline in ND circa 1949, and almost every small
had a "coal shed" sitting next to the grain elevators. These were
low sheds with several rail height doors facing the tracks, and lower
height doors on the opposite side of the building, which was where
customer would pull up their truck and buy the coal. The coal would
shipped in older boxcars and would be unloaded by hand into the shed,
task which was usually subcontracted to teenaged boys. The boxcars
equipped with "coal doors", which were nothing more than worn out or
damaged grain doors, to retain the coal.
I have read of these boxcar coal shipments which were mostly due to
avoid the coal freezing in the open hoppers, which made them very hard
to unload.
Just how much coal would be loaded into an average 40' boxcar?
Bill Williams

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