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On Richard Hendrickson's accurate Santa Fe kits he doesn't list any
Accurail kits. None of the kits are even close ? How 'bout
Santa Fe kits ? Was the list compiled before Accurail's and
Branchline's offerings ?
Sorry - got in a hurry -
Thanks for any replies,
Dwight Wedel


There is a more recent list on the S.F. Rwy Hist. & Modeling Society
site. See the online resources section at then look under
Richard Hendrickson. IIRC, two Branchline cars are listed there
(Bx-44 and Fe-27), but no Accurail. The only close ATSF Accurail cars
I am aware of would be the DS wood box as a Bx-2 and perhaps the DS
wood reefer as a USRA car. The reefer may be close to the Rr-4 for
which it is decorated, but I have not done any comparisons to the
prototype. At the least, I suspect hatch orientation and hatch
platforms would need to be changed. To be honest, I have not focused
on either of the Accurail cars, as the prototypes had been rebuilt
into steel-bodied cars by my era of interest...1952-53.

Accurail prototypes were discussed recently on this list: see message
69229. The Bx-44 was discussed several times on this list as well,
with info on door and roofwalk accuracy - just query Bx-44.

Branchline offers their Yardmaster car decorated for a Bx-27, but it
would at least need a Duryea underframe and square-corner ends to be

Hope this helps,
John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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