Re: PRRPro TM8/AC&F Type 11 Project

Rob Erickson <pattirobpatti@...>

Group, as Bruce said in his post, the AC&F Type 11 tank car project
also includes private owner Type 11 tank cars.

Besides the Associated and National Oil cars offered by Funaro &
Camerlengo, Texaco, Mobilgas, Kendall, and other oil companies had
Type 11 cars at different times. The STMFC Group has discussed Type
11 tank cars several times in the past.

Check it out if you are interested.

I am looking to do some private owner cars, circa late 1930s-early
1940s. Do any list members have in-service photographs of Type 11
cars? I am particularly interested in Kendall Refining (KRTX
reporting marks) or Koch Tank Line (OFKX reporting marks; linked to
Kendall, as mileage reports and remittances were sent to Kendall's
traffic manager) cars.

Thanks in advance, Rob Erickson

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The PRR Project Group (PRRPro) has begun its next project, the PRR
tank car. These cars were AC&F Type 11 tank cars and so this
project will
encompass not only the PRR cars, but all Type 11s. Please feel
free to
join us in building these cars. Modelers in all scales are
PRRPro is not a "follow the leader" group, but rather a co-op where
everyone can contribute and ask questions as we build the model.
To find
us in Yahoo Groups, simply go to


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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