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I have a print from microfilm of PRR drawing 408101C, Rev F, dated
3-1-1951, brake arrangement for G22, G22a. It shows a brake
arrangement that matches the Kincaid drawing in RMC. The only
differences I can see are 1) The AB valve bracket is centered
the cross ties, and 2) There is a horizontal lever at each bolster
that connects to the brake rods that go down the center sill, and
chains to connect to the brake levers on the trucks.

The Kincaid drawing also is close to the recent Kohs O scale G22b.

Larry Kline

Thanks - interesting. The Kohs version looks more logical to me than
drawing...<VBG> Oh well! I guess those of us modeling the G22B with
brakes may have some changes to make in our models. I'd be curious to
know if the brake levers were reworked when the car was converted to
AB or
if they were always that way, even on the KD equipped cars.

Bruce and Larry,

From my field measurements and observations of a G22B in non-revenue
service made in Indianapolis in 1980's, the brake arrangements of that
gondola basically agrees with the Kinkaid drawings. By this time the
car obviously was converted to AB brakes and equipped with a power hand
brake. My notebook for G22 includes a sketch I made on the Westerfield
instruction sheet showing how the brake components and levers should be
mounted. I still have to build the kit :-).

I will scan and post what photos I have of the lever arrangement.


Bob Witt

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