Re: The Strange Case of the MP Hoppers on the Santa Fe

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What type of 3-bay hoppers were typically used by the MP in this

Rob Simpson

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Santa Fe gurus are no doubt pulling out what hair they have left
today after viewing the photo on pg 25 of the just appearing War
Bonnet, First Quarter 2008. They probably thought...ohhh nooo...when
they looked carefully at the photo. It shows a nice view of the San
Bernardino yard in 1950 with mention that the El Captitan is
arriving. However, much more interesting to those on the STMFC that
are always on the lookout for "eastern style" hoppers in California
is a string of cars 5 tracks away. Here we see no less than 8 MP 3
bay hopper cars [ maybe more ]...filled with what looks
like...well...coal. MP's coal source was primarily the fields in
Southern Illinois which is categorized as "...a high volatile, medium
sulfur, low ash, high BTU bituminous coal" in the book Burlington
Bulletin No. 35, The Q in the Coal Fields". Coal gurus can tell us if
this source is classified as metallurgical coal but the Burlington
book does not give such an impression.

Coincidentally, there are photos of other MP hopper cars "lost" out
in the "real west". America's Colorful Railroads shows no less than 2
MT's being returned eastward on the D&RGW in Tennessee Pass and The
Iron Horse and I shows MP hoppers in...of all places...Laramie, WY.

I've always been an admirer of the MP "Eagles" logo but I must
confess I didn't think those in California would be so blessed as to
see it as well as those in Laramie.

Mike Brock

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