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Just thought I would post a follow up to my discussion about a
month ago regarding the NMRA Kalmbach library and their photo
collection. I ordered 216 scans (600 dpi TIFF) of various freight car
photos in their collection, and the final tab was $1.75 per scan. I
was charged a $5.00 CD burning fee for each order (2 orders), and
then a $15.00/hr fee for the research time involved. The scans are
great! If you have Culotta and Kline's "The Postwar Freight Car
Fleet" you have a lot of the photos (with great captions), but I am
now able to zoom in and read most of the reweigh dates, repacking
locations, etc. I also can zoom in and see underbody details, etc.
Anyway, I saved over $300 by joining NMRA and then ordering the
scans, so whatever your other feelings about the NMRA, the membership
is at least worth it for that reason. A couple of gripes: not all the
photos I ordered were scanned, and the reason given was that the
archivist was unable to find them. I hope they aren't lost
permanently. Also, I was told after my second order that I couldn't
order anymore photos from the Robert Charles collection, as I have
exceeded their "20% rule", apparently you can only order twenty
percent of a collection as scans, prints, etc. before the NMRA cuts
you off.
Hope this information is of some use to other list members who
are still in the process of building their photo collection.

Robert D. Heninger
Stanley, ND

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