Re: Santa Fe Accurail kits

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 15, 2008, at 8:17 AM, David North wrote:

Is the Accurail 3 bay hopper a match for any of these?
The Accurail 3-bay hopper was patterned after 1,000 class W-7 cars
built for B&O in 1947 (435000-435999). This is based on the ends of the
model, which "tries" (poorly) to duplicate Z-sections that support the
end sheets from the top of the ends to the end sills. The Z-sections
were more closely spaced than other end arrangements using either
channels or angles. The sides on the Accurail model match the
configuration used on a substantial number of 70-ton triples, but none
for Santa Fe as far as I can tell.

The Accurail model has a straight side sill between the bolsters with
an angled section from the bolster to the corner post. Santa Fe's cars
in classes Ga-73, Ga-81, Ga-86, Ga-100, Ga-109, and Ga-121 all had
sides that were straight from end to end with a shallow fish-belly
between the bolsters. The Stewart/Bowser model better represents these
ATSF cars, although there still needs to be modifications to the ends.
These ATSF cars all had vertical angles from the top of the ends to the
end sills, whereas the Stewart/Bowser model has channels that extend
from the bottom of the end sheets to the end sills. This would be a
relatively easy modification to make.

I have not yet found prototype photos of classes Ga-66 and Ga-77 to
verify the side and arrangement used on these cars (series
183000-183224 and 183425-183924). Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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